4 Reasons Why You Should Play This New Drinking Game

1. Great game to host an event

The weekend is right around the corner, and it's time to forget about work and relax, or should I say Drink Up! Whether you choose to indulge in alcoholic drinks or not, Drink Up The Game is exactly what you need for your next event. It’s the perfect game to make memories with your squad, family, or even people you’ve just met.

Whether you're hosting a game night with your close friends or hanging out at the beach, this game is the best way to get the party going. Unlike other complicated drinking games, Drink Up has rules that are super easy to pick up. Basically everyone and anyone can play this game! To keep the fun going, players can come in and out of the game as they please. Drink Up is sure to bring out the laughter and good vibes at any event.

2. Great game to network

Meeting new people at parties can be daunting for some of us. What better way than trying out a new drinking game that lets you get to know strangers a little better. Put an end to boring small talk. Just add a little booze to spice up your game night. Let this game do all the work and create bonds with entirely new people and build new friendships.

3. Can tailor to the group you are playing with

It's hard to get everyone in the room to like the same game... Don't you think?

Drink Up The Game will capture the interest of everyone in the room. You can play with your squad, family, or new people you’ve just met. Take this game to the next level and add extra booze rules like taking a shot when someone breaks the circle. It doesn't matter if you are at the beach, brunch, or a late-game night. Drink Up honestly tailors to ANY event or group of friends.


4. Gets a fun buzz around the room

Everyone wants their party to be the best party of the weekend or even the year! Drink Up was designed for large groups and to bring good vibes and energy to any party you play at! Spending time with your loved ones is so important, especially during times like this. This game was made for you to share laughter, create memories, and enjoy a couple of drinks with friends and family. Drink Up will bring you closer to your new friends and build memories with the old ones.

Avaiable only at drinkupthegame.com