How To Play

Place cards down in a circle (as pictured), if a player breaks the circle they must drink 

SING-A-LONG: Player starts song lyrics and the person to their right must follow

NEVER HAVE I EVER: 3 fingers up! Start with the person who picked the card. 

TRUTH OR DRINK : Player directs a question to a player of their choice 

DARE OR DRINK: Player directs a dare to a player of their choice 

GIRLS: All girls drink

BOYS: All boys drink

YOU: Player picks another player to drink 

ME: Player who picks the card drinks

PICK A PARTNER: Pick a player. Every time you drink they drink with you, for the rest of the game.  

IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO: Fill in the blank with a location or place. Players who have been there, drink!

IF YOURE DRINKING: Fill in the blank with type or brand of alcohol

MAKE A RULE: The rule is in place until the next rule card is drawn

IF YOU ARE: Wild Card. Fill in the blank with a zodiac sign, ethnicity, emotion, characteristic, etc. 

PERSON MOST LIKELY TO : Fill in the blank. If all players agree on one player, that player must drink

QUESTIONS : Player asks a question to another player. That player must respond with a question to any other player. This continues until someone does not answer with a question.

FLIP A COIN: If it lands on heads you drink. If it lands on tails everyone else drinks 

FUN FACT : Say a fun fact about yourself 

ACT IT OUT : Pick a player to act something of your choice

FIRST PERSON YOU MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH: The first person you lock eyes with must drink.

WATER BREAK: Everyone takes a drink of water

STAND UP: Last player to stand must drink

CLAP YOUR HANDS: Last player to clap their hands must drink

HANDS IN THE AIR: Last player to put their hands in the air must drink